So I've started a blog about my first trimester races, but life has been a little busy in the last few months. I have now been at my new job for 7 months. My children are now nearly 7 years old, already 4 1/2 years old, and 29 weeks in utero. I still have on my to-do list a blog about first trimester, which includes a 200-mile relay and a half marathon, and about second trimester, which includes the Runner's World Run Streak (running at least 1 mile every day Thanksgiving to New Years) followed by Ragnar's 31-Day Challenge (workout every day, which for me meant continuing my run streak to over 70 days). However, I went to post on Facebook about my race today and needed more space, so I decided a quick blog is in order.

My routine has become OrangeTheory Fitness workout Monday morning before the kids wake up, run with the Fleet Feet Carrboro/Durham family on Tuesday evening, get some sleep before getting up early for another OTF workout, then Thursday get up for a third OTF workout followed by work and then prenatal yoga. Friday is a rest day - letting myself sleep that extra hour and a half to recover a bit before Saturday's long run with the Fleet Feet family. I'm now tapering for my next half marathon.

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles with the awesome "F&Gers" at Fleet Feet. Although Sunday is usually my one day to sleep in and usually involves staying in bed extra long snuggling Zoe, I had plans to get up this morning for the Pie Day Pi K today. Jonathan asked me yesterday why I was running this race. He knows I run at least one race a month and that I have a half marathon planned for next week so don't "need" this one.

So...why did I register for this race? Way back in November on Black Friday, I was early in the second trimester and saw a sale on some races, including this race. It drew my attention immediately because it's for Pi Day. As someone who loves math, I was super excited for the theme, and I was even more excited when I saw the fun shirt (all my math friends, enjoy reading the sentence on top!).

pi day shirt

At the time, I had just finished my first trimester half marathon. I was still running, but I had not started training for another half yet. I assumed at some point I would need to stop running. I always gain a lot of weight with pregnancy, and I figured it would get uncomfortable at some point and I would need to stop. I was registered for the Durham Women's Half - I had registered for $1 plus fees (so about $5 total!) before I was pregnant. Back in November, it was hard to imagine running 13.1 miles while 30 weeks pregnant. In fact, I had the thought that the Pi Day Pi K would be ideal because it was just under 2 miles, and surely I could at least walk 2 miles still at this point, right?

So after 6 miles yesterday, I got up this morning for the race. I had no expectations. I just wanted to finish and enjoy my pie :) I had the pleasure of meeting up with 3 other North Durham Runners Club runners and one awesome 9 year old.

NDRC pre-race

We all were excited for a fun run ahead (and pie). Sarah, who had a baby 3 months ago, has been working her way through the Couch to 5k, inspiring me for when I return to running after Baby Jalapeño is born. She and I started running together, and I let her know that I likely would switch to my run-walk intervals at some point. Those have become necessary for me to enjoy (and survive) my long runs. However, I was enjoying the company and just not ready to walk. We saw a hill up ahead, and I commented that I would switch to walking when we hit it. However, we got to the hill, and I pushed right up it (I actually do miss the hill repeats in Cherokee Park, believe it or not). We hit the second hill, and Sarah and I both kept pushing. As we reached the top, she said she needed to walk. We had made it a mile, and we made it in just over 12 minutes! (Yes, expectations for pace change drastically when you're 29 weeks pregnant or 3 months postpartum!) We walked for just a minute or so, and then we were running again. For the second half, we continued pushing ourselves but being smart - running most of it, but walking the hills. If we walked, we'd find a point to start running again. When we'd approach a hill, we'd find a point on the hill to run to, and we just kept going. We came to the top of the final hill, and Sarah said, "I'm running to the finish!" By then we had met up with Katherine, and the three of us started running around the corner. We were all determined to finish strong. Katherine finished first, with Sarah and me running strong right behind her.


And for those who want to see a picture of what my belly is looking like at 29 weeks pregnant - this one is for you --


A year ago today, I ran the Anthem 5k in 26:28 - a PR that I never dreamed I'd reach and one that I pushed my body to get. Today, I ran a Pi K in 25:04 (10th in my age group). Yes, I ran 3.14 kilometers in about the time I ran 3.1 miles about a year ago. Yet, I am just as proud. I did not push my body like I did last year. This was not about pushing myself to my physical limits, especially because (a) I'm tapering and (b) I am being smart about my running and doing it in a way that is healthy for me and my baby. But this still was about pushing my boundaries. This was about running, and running at 29 weeks pregnant. This was about feeling strong and enjoying the run. This was about finishing a race with a friend. And, it was about enjoying pie!

NDRC finish

Now to finish my taper week, run a half marathon, and keep moving until this baby is ready to join me Earthside!