It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I have several blog posts to catch up on - especially about pacing the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon and about running my first marathon! However, this blog post is a priority because without the Fleet Feet Family, none of that would have been possible.

For anyone who knows me or who has been following my Facebook page or reading my blog, it comes as no surprise that I attribute much of my enjoyment of running and success as a runner to being a part of the Fleet Feet Family. So the question is, why should someone consider joining a training group - paying to run with a training, organizing their life around the training group schedule?

First, the title of my blog post tells you a lot - the Fleet Feet Family truly is a family. I cannot document all the ways in which they have been a family to me. Not only do they provide mentoring, support, and encouragement while running, but I also spend time with them outside of running - texting, going to dinner, playing trivia, and more. When I've been in a bind, the Fleet Feet family has stepped up and helped out as baby-sitters. My children know and love so many of the people I run with and are excited to stop by Fleet Feet. I start most races with the Fleet Feet family and celebrate afterwards with them. I celebrate my longest run ever with them, and they support me on those run that leave me struggling. I have set goals I never dreamed of because of the Fleet Feet family, and more importantly, I have achieved and surpassed those goals with their support and encouragement!


What does running with the Louisville Distance Project get you?

  • Weekly workouts. We run as a group 3 days a week. This means you (a) get a training program that includes long runs, easy runs, tempo runs, speed workouts, and hill repeats, (b) running routes provided, (c) people who will run with you, look for you, and even meet up when you can't make a regular run.

  • Mentors and coaches. Experienced runners are happy to provide you advice, run with you, help you find answers. There's a built-in support and information source for you.


  • Private Facebook group and weekly emails. Lots of information. Lots of fun. Support for runs on non-training days. Celebration of successes, Advice. So much happens on the group, and lots of information is provided through the weekly emails.

  • Support for all speeds. There are people from 7 minute miles to 15 minute miles. Some always run, some do run/walk intervals, some walk. We all start together, and there's always people there when you finish.


  • Vendor-sponsored giveaways and runs and product demos for the training group so that you can try out new shoes and more.

  • Physiotherapy checks, massages, and more to keep you healthy and injury-free during the season.

  • Discount card that saves you money on running essentials.

  • Technical shirt to show off that you're a member of the Fleet Feet family!

I started running with Fleet Feet so that I'd have accountability and support. I continue to run with Fleet Feet because they're my family.


I am super excited to extend a special invitation for you to join the Fleet Feet Louisville family. NOW is your time to shine - join me in training for the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) Minimarathon or Marathon! If you (a) register for KDF by December 28 and select me as your race ambassador, (b) head over to Fleet Feet Louisville's Facebook page and give them a like, and (c) like my Mama is a Runner facebook page and the post about this blog and contest, you will be entered to win a FREE Fleet Feet Louisville Distance Project training group entry ($100 value)! (Plus, you will be entered in future KDF ambassador drawings I do, such as for race henna or massage!)

You could be training with me and the Fleet Feet family for FREE, and you would get to run an incredible hometown course, right through Churchill Downs! KDF was my first half marathon, and I am excited to share this opportunity with someone else who will be running KDF 2018! So sign up for KDF and pop over my Mama is a Runner Facebook page and tell me why you're excited to run KDF 2018! I can't wait to see you there!